• Auctions for Charity

    Auctions for Charity

    FSECC Auctions featuring baskets catering everyone from Barbeque enthusiasts to movie watchers and everything in between helped raise funds for important charitable causes.

  • Coworkers Rally Together to Support Charities

    Coworkers Rally Together to Support Charities

    Employees gather before the 5K event held annually to raise money for more than 1200 approved charities.

  • FSECC Sponsored 5k Event

    FSECC Sponsored 5k Event

    State employees rally together to support their favorite charities by participating in an FSECC sponsored 5K event.

  • Volunteers Provide Donor Support

    Volunteers Provide Donor Support

    State employees provided helpful support for co-workers using the online charitable giving system for the first time!

  • Baking Bonanza Raising $ for Charities

    Baking Bonanza Raising $ for Charities

    Donors provide baked goods to raise funds for FSECC sponsored charities.

  • The FSECC moves online!

    The FSECC moves online!

    In 2013, the FSECC moved charitable giving online. Employees set up convenient giving stations where employees could select from over 1200 approved charities.

  • Entertainment or Warm-up?

    Entertainment or Warm-up?

    Employees enjoy some entertainment at an FSECC sponsored event to raise money for charities.

  • DOH Special Event

    DOH Special Event

  • Having Fun with FSECC

    Having Fun with FSECC

    Make your FSECC event fun and more people will participate!

  • Will she make it?

    Will she make it?

2015-2016 Campaign Brochure

The 2015-2016 Brochure, effective starting September 1, 2015 lists nearly 1,000 charities approved for participation in the FSECC for 2015-2016.

Campaign Brochure